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Dornier G92 has large LH door
making all exits very easy.

Wingglider Limited, based at Hibaldstow Airfield in North Lincolnshire, UK has been operating turbine aircraft throughout the parachuting, skydiving and aerial works industry for over 20 years and offers long or short term leases on a number of aircraft.

Wingglider boasts a vast and highly experienced team, which constantly operates the aircraft to a high standard. This has led to Wingglider establishing an excellent reliable reputation when hiring out aircraft for skydiving.

Wingglider Limited also encompasses an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and is currently available to train and examine for a type rating on the DO28G92 and C208 Cessna Caravan.

Parachuting Aircraft available for hire:

DORNIER DO28 G92 twin turbine
CESSNA CARAVAN C208 single turbine


Video showing one of our Dorniers EC-MSP click here